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Chief Product Owner, Limassol (or remote) – CPO/09/23

Our client, a specialized company in the Gaming industry (tournament platform) is looking to employ a CPO to join their team in Limassol or work remotely.

Position’s Duties and Responsibilities

The main role of this person is to keep enhancing the product characteristics accommodating clients’ new needs and market’s changes. This person will be responsible for the planning and prioritizing of the product backlog. They need to ensure that the backlog is prioritized correctly and that all the requirements are accounted for. The chief product owner needs to help ensure that the product backlog is the most accurate representation of what the business requires. They will also need to ensure that the product backlog is clear, concise, and realistic.

The chief product owner will need to work, ensuring that they are aware of any issues or concerns regarding the product backlog. They will also need to review any issues with the scrum team so that they can be resolved promptly.

The chief product owner should also be able to accurately estimate which items on the product backlog will be completed first and which will take longer. This is essential when it comes to creating a sprint plan and knowing when each item can be released into production.

Position’s Requirements

  • Excelent written and spoken knowledge of English
  • Degree in computer science, information technology and/or in business administration preferred
  • Minimum 5 years experience as a product owner in the industry
  • Strong knowledge of Agile principles and process
  • In-depth understanding of industry market conditions and trends
  • Good problem solver. A good chief product owner will need to be a good problem solver. They will need to have an instinct for being able to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently ·
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Ability to communicate well. A chief product owner needs to be able to communicate effectively with others from all departments.
  • Strong leadership skills. Being a chief product owner means that you have an important leadership role in your organization. You will need great leadership skills to succeed in this role.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

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Job Overview

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