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Blending Generations in Hiring.

A win- Win Scenario

Twenty-something professional candidates are often regarded by potential employers as “too young”, lazy, clueless, temporary and burdensome. While the fifty-plus contenders are labeled “too old”, not willing to learn, expensive and stuck in their ways. Is such dilemma keeping you up at night as an employer? Or maybe you play it safe – yet incredibly limiting – and hire only the lucky bunch, aged 30-40something where all bets are on?
Still to this day in age, few employers are willing to discover the value of these two “professionally unattractive” age groups, depriving them of the chance to radiate within their companies, hence the industry. Few see the prospect of their worth alone or of a match made in heaven. Few dare to unleash the power hidden within these two age groups, especially when integrated. On the contrary, in times of change and innovation, employers today fear hiring them altogether – justifiably enough, considering the media campaigns flooding online platforms – clouded by each generation’s shortcomings and limitations instead of their strengths, skills, and capabilities .
At Human Asset, our team has been reflecting on this for quite some time. Our 20year experience as HR experts has shown us clearly how this fear costs our clients dearly, both long-term and short-term, even though in the beginning the risk vs benefit isn’t tangible nor distinct. After many sleepless nights, we decided to unite with the international arena (WHO, UN, MIPPA, and more) in combating both agism and youngism that is undoubtedly a lose-lose scenario. We committed ourselves in unveiling the dynamic and unprecedented promise of these two groups and their magical merge. We have concluded in many cases the outcome for both parties – employer and employee – to have a positive unimaginable impact. Quite mind blowing.
But we cannot do it alone. We need you, the employer to step up and stand out. We need your trust, support, and collaboration to shift the industry mindset and create a prosperous new reality beyond the vision. It takes courage to lead the change but that is exactly why some earn the title . Join us and the global community for a tomorrow where Agism and Youngism become our inspiration – not our constraint – towards a thriving and unrestricted environment.
Join us in creating a world where we unlock the unlimited possibilities of these generations, the unmatched potential of your organization, while enjoying the bountiful and certain return on your investment.
Stay tuned for more; this is only the beginning.

Content: Nadia Hadjizenonos for Human Asset

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